Winter is for the Birds

Hanging in there
Red, White and Blue
Give me shelter
Mohawk Moe
Lonesome Dove
Powder Puff
Ruffled Feathers
And then he kissed me…
Messy Eater


Anyone that knows me (at all) knows that I despise winter … especially extreme cold temperatures (below 40 degrees) and any type of precipitation.  Most winters I essentially hibernate, withdrawing from all social life – even online.  I am striving to change that, though. Photography is motivating me to live, even during the dismal winter months.

I hope you enjoy my captures as much as I enjoyed feeling the sting of the icy air on my skin as I watched these amazing creatures.

16 thoughts on “Winter is for the Birds

  1. The birds are one of my favorite things throughout the year. The Cardinals have started reappearing. Saw 2 Bald Eagles soaring above my neighborhood over the weekend. Thank you for braving the weather to bring lovely images and more😌

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  2. Oh, Dana!!! These photos are so beautiful and the captions are full of your wonderful sense of humor!! I laughed out loud. Thank you for sharing this. Remember that to keep yourself from sharing your gift is not only a loss for us but for yourself as well. 🙂 You would have missed putting that smile on my face. Happy winter, my friend!

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    1. And that made me smile, Dave! Thank you, truly, for always encouraging me. I will remember this when faced with the temptation to hide away again. Right now I am debating whether I can withstand single digit temps to take some pictures of the sun kissing the snow!

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      1. Braving single-digit temps sounds tough. But I just love these winter photos of yours, and the sun kissing the snow sounds so romantic! Sigh… Would it help if I begged? 😉 haha..

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      1. You will! You’re off to a great start! I also have a photo blog at if you’d like to check it out. I don’t post often. Thank you for following Christian Grandfather.😃

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