Alone on the Internet

I also refused social media, television and radio today. I resorted to music playlists, mindless romantic comedy on Netflix and staring at a blank white page … desperately wanting to connect but having not the energy or heart to put forth the effort. Thank you for sharing this. It does give me hope as none of us are alone, even when we are.

Free Verse ReVolution

Turned off social media because
I don’t want to watch the
end of time,
its endless feeds
that hunger for
gullible eyes.

I turned off
TV because it watches me thinking
myself into
catatonic states,
complacent to the lullabies
news makers opine.

I turned off the
radio because it’s all tell and jack
to show for its
a wild Western of its own opportunists.

I turned off
the cruelty and
picked up a
sought refuel against high-
pressure lows and old loves that I know
would rescind our

I haven’t the
faintest idea where they have been since

so I write to
my darlings instead,
only to end up
alone on the

as the former
and latter merge.

So I turned
off my heart because all that I heard
was static,
burying itself in
a garden of silent majorities.

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