Window Shopping

Photo by Luke, age 8

Wishing through a window
for joy to return, not flashing
before our eyes
But stilling our hearts, to feel
a beat of peace
a beat of love
a beat of healing
a beat of humanity

A breath of sunrise
that stretches
into noon of awareness
Yawning with newborn innocence
as sunset delivers new dreams

Through the eyes of a wise child
I have the vision of hope

*My son, Luke, received a digital camera for Christmas. His eyes are quicker than mine. His mind more open, more observant. And his desire to capture and appreciate life is not confined by techniques, technical or artistic. He is free in his creativity, like I need to learn to be.*

Me: Luke, you cannot take a picture through the window while we are driving 60 miles per hour.

Luke: I want it to show how I see it, not how you want it to look.

Photo by Luke, age 8

10 thoughts on “Window Shopping

    1. Adults edit our thoughts, our dreams, our words, our art to fit the constructs and expectations of our friends, co-workers and society. We all need the reminder to reclaim our own visions and stop “photoshopping” the true value out of them. Thank you for reading and for the comment!!

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