4 Days Only!

Anything written by Richard is worth its weight in gold (and $$) … so do yourself a favor and take advantage of this awesome offer!!

Richard M. Ankers - Author

They’ve only gone and done it!

The good folk at Creativia Publishing have made The Eternals Kindle edition free through Feb 19th – 22nd.

If you like a good Dark Fantasy story with rave reviews, a splash of Gothic and a hint of Dystopia please indulge yourselves whilst it costs you nothing to try. I genuinely hope you love The Eternals and its brooding protagonist Jean, and that it tempts you to sample Hunter Hunted Book 2 in the Series.

If you love them both, then Book 3 Into Eternity, the final instalment, grows ever nearer to release.


The Eternals, neither human nor vampire, are the last inhabitants of a dying Earth. In the face of a slowly perishing sun, some have accepted their fate while others are ready to fight for their future. It is to this ultimatum that Jean, the last Eternal lord, is born.

Jean’s life…

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