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My disappearances from WP are not rare. But this time, the reason for it is very rare for me. Well, aside from the week that my sons, husband and I all suffered from a stomach virus and flu — the reason for my silence is unusual.

I am not one that puts any particular emphasis on my birthday or the aging process, but this year I did reflect on what I’ve done and what I still want to achieve.  I wrote down a list of goals and dreams — and surprisingly, I found that they were all within my reach.  IF I actually extend myself.

Now that the family has completely recovered, I have been focusing on my new priorities which take me away from WP momentarily but ultimately will allow me to spend more time here in the future.  My current priority is cleaning out a huge spare room that has accumulated two decades of memories and trash.  I am going through the tedious process of distinguishing between the two.  Once the room is clean, I will begin remodeling it into a studio/library/office for my own creative endeavors.  In order for my family and friends to take me seriously in my writing and photography projects, I have to take myself seriously.  This is the first step.

I have also returned to my enduring desire to write a novel.  I’ve used many excuses over the past two years not to work on it — but I am now working on it instead of avoiding it.

I miss you all but I am feeling better about myself and my future than I have in a very long time.  My reward will be sharing my creative works with you in the near future.  Until then, I will check in with your blogs as I can.  Much love, Dana

18 thoughts on “Chatter

  1. Dana, this is awesome, so glad that you are taking this big step and putting yourself first. I have always thought of the garage as a guys man-cave, Why is it we never hear of the ladies-cave? Or is it that us guys think of the rest of the house as the ladies? AnyWhoo, glad you claimed it. So about the book, poetry.fiction, non-fiction? Can’t wait to get a copy!

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    1. Thank you, Barney! Since I share my home with 4 males, I think of the entire house as a man-cave … so that was another argument in my favor! 🙂 The novel will be a romance novel — I don’t know how sensual/erotic it will be yet … I have to work out the plot first. My characters and setting are done. I cannot wait to get to the point I can share such a feat with all my WP friends!

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    1. In some ways I feel guilty about “claiming” the room as there are other uses for it (fitness/sports/guy cave was the leading contender) but I think it is time I am a little selfish. I’ve spent my life putting others first and I haven’t found happiness that way … so maybe I can make this a win-win situation for all. Thank you for your support and encouragement!!

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