Darkest Desires

Photo by Dana

In the midnight of my soul, I attempt to unbraid my desires of give and take. My duality shimmers in its seductive dance to elude me. In this ribbon, there is no dark and light. There is only dark and darker. I hear it whisper alluringly for another skein to join, to make it unbreakably real.

It is calling for the darkest part of another uncompromising soul. One that has the patience to skim along my every thought and notion with no fear of my cashmere softness wrapped in steely strength. He will seek to bend me without breaking me.

He will seek to harness my fears of the unknown while unbridling my passion. He will allow me to caress his nuances and explore his every vulnerability, teaching me to trust by trusting me. He will loyally dive to every depth I swim and lift me in his arms to soar with him in worlds I’ve never dreamed of exploring.

He will seek to draw my tears from my well, allowing their sadness to sear every layer of his being. He will peruse the boundaries of my protective walls and then build a stronger fortress around us, allowing me to crumble at his feet … not in weakness, but in relief.

I am the dark, craving solace in the arms of the darkest.

*revised piece from my previous blog

4 thoughts on “Darkest Desires

  1. As I read this, I was thinking how much it feels like your older writing (which was FANTASTIC!) Then, you note that was based on an older piece, ha! This is very powerful, sexy, and enticing. Of course, I love it!😈🔥

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    1. Smiles. It is an older piece (last year) so it’s not THAT old. And I still write sensual pieces … I just rarely post them. But thank you for supporting “my” writing. It means more than you know.

      Liked by 1 person

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