Escape Room

Photo by Dana

None of this will make sense. But do I ever?


I have been lost in circles
parallel to our silent orbit
Our thoughts shift relentlessly
stardust caught in cement

My words steer me here
A white abyss of anticipation
But my inadequacies prevail
My fingers shushing my lips


We loved once, didn’t we? The question mark pains me. But even if I don’t ask, the uncertainty follows my every step. I sift through my every flaw, my every mistake. My hands full of muddy stones that I cannot fling, only swallow. Ahhh, yes. My melancholy returns as my shadow. Or is it possible that I  can only open up in the shadow of sorrow … mine. Not yours. Your sorrow is the ocean that calls my name but I’m locked in a fortress built by everything we lost.

8 thoughts on “Escape Room

      1. I have only my own experience, but some are only attempts to convey, that don’t quite. I suppose I do gravitate toward the longing of our souls and what is portrayed as the relief to that.

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      2. Attemts to convey is conveyance. It just doesn’t always sound the same as we feel in our heart, but that doesn’t mean others don’t feel it. So, keep expressing …

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